Get More From Your Journey

Get more out of your journey than just one week of travel. Your pleasure can last for months or even years if you do it right with these travel tips.

  1. Study your destination before making reservations.
    I like to do this through reading both travel books/magazines and fictional novels. Watching movies and television shows filmed in the area help also. Right now NCIS New Orleans is on CBS. Even if you’ve never been to the French Quarter before, you’ll feel like you have just by watching  that show.
  2. Plan your itinerary, but be flexible.
    You don’t want to waste anytime trying to figure out what to do that day. Have a plan B or even C if things like weather happen.
  3. Choose the best Hotel, Motels, B & B or an Apartments for you.
    Choices for sleeping accommodations seem to be endless these days. Last year we had some friends who spent a week in New Orleans. A week may be a little long for most, but theirs seemed extremely long. Part of that was due to where they were staying. They stayed in a hotel on Bourbon Street during a very busy week. I don’t have anything against staying on Bourbon Street, but it can be very noisy and crowded. A couple of nights, fine, but a week. No. Location is important in choosing a place to stay. Personally, I prefer to stay in the French Quarter like they did, but on a quieter street like Royal. What is important to you?

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